Download 1Tap Cleaner Pro v2.81 Mod Apk – Android Apps

Download 1Tap Cleaner Pro v2.81 Mod Apk – Android Apps


1Tap Cleaner Pro

1Tap Solution Pro is a high quality utility for android program that is useful to clean all junk documents, such as application refuge, history, and record cell phone calls or messages which are not used anymore. In my opinion, application 1tap cleaner pro is very helpful at all for android-phone users who keurangan memory. Because with this application you can get more available storage space remaining to purge refuge files / data that are not used any more. For anyone who are just knowledgeable about these applications do not need kuwatir, because the application1Tap apk Cleanser Pro is very simple to use, It only took a single tap (1Tap), after that your phone is clean of file cache, history, call logs and more.


1Tap in order to all the cache data.
1Tap to clear all browser search history.
1Tap to clear the decision documents (such as incoming phone calls, outgoing calls and skipped calls).
Displays all the selected application as the default.
Widget home display displays cache and sizes available
Clear all refuge and history automatically at specified intervals
Clears refuge memory automatically when the device posseses an internal storage area space low
Clear the cache or history for the specified application
Tell you on startup if more than 500K octet of cache used
Showing applications by either refuge, data, code or total size
Uninstall applications
Iphone app detail page displays.
And many others.

Demo & Source: DEMO



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