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Download Adguard Full Premium Apk – Android Apps  AdGuard is a one of a kind no root promotion blocker for Android that evacuates advertisements in applications and programs, ensures your security, and causes you deal with your applications

Simple to set up and go ahead, however ground-breaking and exceedingly adaptable — it has all that you’ll ever require from an Android adblock device, and it works both on established and unrooted gadgets.

Why pick AdGuard?

Squares promotions all over

Square all through the entire framework. This incorporates video promotions and advertisements in your most loved applications, programs, amusements, and on any site you can envision. Many promotion channels are accessible to you and are refreshed all the time, ensuring the best separating quality.

Thinks about your security

We esteem the security of your own information above whatever else. With AdGuard, you will be protected from online trackers and investigation frameworks that prowl on the web endeavoring to take your touchy data.

Recoveries your movement

More advertisements blocked means less promotions stacked. Less promotions stacked means more movement spared. Straightforward math by AdGuard! Download the apk document, introduce the application and spend your activity on things you like as opposed to squandering it on unquenchable advertisements.

You remain in charge

It is your gadget, all things considered, and you choose what gets sifted and what doesn’t. An extensive variety of settings — from essential to ‘genius’ — and in addition an Apps Management apparatus will enable you to alter the separating to your loving.


What is the distinction between AdGuard Content Blocker and AdGuard for Android?

The thing that matters is colossal. Content blockers as a rule are restricted to particular (and couple of) programs, as well as are substantially less powerful regarding advertisement battling apparatuses they have available to them. AdGuard for Android, being an independent application, can square promotions in all programs and even in different applications, and the sifting quality is so substantially higher.

For what reason is AdGuard for Android not in the Google Play Store?

Google has an extremely particular arrangement towards advertisement blockers in Play Store. Fundamentally, it implies that any application that can square advertisements over the gadget isn’t permitted there, leaving unstable substance blockers as the main alternative. AdGuard has been expelled from the Play Store too.

What’s the contrast among free and Premium variants of AdGuard for Android?

While the free form is superb at expelling advertisements from programs, it doesn’t channel other applications’ movement. It likewise doesn’t have the Safebrowsing highlight.

I can in any case observe promotions in some applications and on a few sites. What do I need to do?

In all likelihood, you have to empower the HTTPS separating. A great deal of promotions are stacked through HTTPS, and AdGuard is equipped for blocking them, as well. Go to Settings – > HTTPS Filtering and turn it on. The other activity is to ensure you utilize the ‘High caliber’ separating mode (Settings – > Advanced).

Do I require root get to?

No, it isn’t vital. Not at all like numerous other advertisement blockers, AdGuard can work in VPN mode, which gives it to square promotions a chance to even on non-established gadgets.

Сan I utilize an alternate VPN application alongside AdGuard?

Lamentably, it is difficult to run two VPNs in the meantime on Android, yet there are some approaches to dodge this impediment. In the event that your gadget is established, or on the off chance that you just consideration about blocking advertisements in WiFi systems, you can change AdGuard to intermediary mode and let some other application to utilize VPN. Moreover, some VPNs permit the utilization of upstream intermediary (e.g., PIA VPN, Nord VPN) — check if your particular VPN gives this choice.

AdGuard for Android gives you solid and reasonable insurance. AdGuard expels all the irritating advertisements from pages and applications, squares stacking of risky sites, and does not enable anybody to track your exercises on the Internet. AdGuard emerges against its analogs, as it can work either in HTTP intermediary or VPN mode.

variant 2.12.233 from September 26, 2018

No one gets a kick out of the chance to reveal a hotfix only seven days after the discharge, yet once in a while there’s no other decision. We accepted this open door to settle the issue as well as to refresh the CoreLibs separating motor and make a bunch of other helpful changes.

[Fixed] AdGuard does not restart after auto-delay on more seasoned Android gadgets

Turned out, on some more seasoned gadgets (Android 6 and more established) AdGuard didn”t restart after the security got delayed consequently (say, on the system state change). This influenced a sufficiently vast bit of AdGuard clients to legitimize a prompt refresh.

[Changed] Localizations has been refreshed

[Fixed] A mistake happening amid the permit initiation

[Fixed] Expiring endorsement issue on 32-bit Android gadgets

[Improved] Upgrade CoreLibs to 1.1.53

Download Adguard Full Premium Apk – Android Apps

Download Adguard Full Premium Apk


Download Adguard Full Premium Apk Download Adguard Full Premium Apk Download Adguard Full Premium Apk

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