Download Anghami – Free Unlimited Music v2.0.02 Mod APK – Android Apps

Download Anghami – Free Unlimited Music v2.0.02 Mod APK – Android Apps



Anghami is the leading Music platform in the Middle East which provides a seamless experience to listen to unlimited music on-the-go on your mobile. With millions of tunes to search from, stream, download and share, Anghami makes hearing music pleasurable again.


Watch exclusive music videos on Anghami!
Instantly find music by any artist, from a library of countless Persia & international music
Searching for new music? Receive suggestions for the right activity, mood & genre by listening to curated playlists to properly match your taste.
Have a special occasion, or making your own party? Let the music make your best times even more fun
Music is in real Dolby which means you listen to top quality and use little data
Create your own music library by collecting songs & take the capsules with you wherever you go
Share your preferred music with everyone on Instragram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook
Sign up to Anghami+ to down load all the music you want, and listen off-line without ads. Unlimited hearing & downloads for a little monthly fee!
Plus features

With Anghami Plus, you can download as many songs as you want and listen.

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