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Download Learn Quran Tajwid v7.0.7 Premium SAP APK – Android Apps Top notch and checked application to figure out how to present Al-Quran, appropriate for all levels Learn Quran Tajwid v7.0.7 [Premium][SAP] APK Free Download Latest adaptation for Android. Download full APK of Learn Quran Tajwid v7.0.7 [Premium][SAP].

Review and Features of Learn Quran Tajwid v7.0.7 [Premium][SAP]

Before you download Learn Quran Tajwid v7.0.7 [Premium][SAP] APK, You can peruse a short review and highlights list beneath.

Outline: High quality and confirmed application to figure out how to discuss Al-Quran, appropriate for all levels

Across the board checked application to concentrate how to discuss the Quran. With innovation, figuring out how to present the Quran is better, simpler and quicker than at any other time!

Learn Quran Tajwid gives thorough exercises: from fundamental subjects to cutting edge Tajweed exercises, making this application appropriate for students at all levels: regardless of whether you don’t know at all how to discuss the Quran, or you can present however need to improve your tajweed and makhraj, for example tahsin.

Learn Quran Tajwid is planned so you can concentrate with an educator or without anyone else. It is created with high worry for quality. Our main goal is to give the ummah the best instrument to figure out how to present the Quran!


1. The Alphabet

2. The Fat-Hah

3. The Kasrah

4. The Dhammah

5. Comparable Pronunciations

6. Cursive Writing

7. The Sukoon

8. The Shaddah

9. The Tanween

10. Madd Asli

11. The Very Long Madd

12. The Rules of Stopping (Waqf)

13. The Waqf Signs

14. The Rules of نۡ and Tanween

15. The Rules of مۡ

16. Purposes of Articulation (مَخَارِجۡ)

17. The Rules of ٱ

18. Madd Far’i (مَدۡ فَرۡعِيۡ)

19. Progressed Idghaam

20. Natures of Letters

21. Thick ر and Thin ر

22. Extraordinary Verses

23. Waqf and Ibtida’ (just around the corner)


✔ Theory: Explanations and guides to get familiar with the key information.

✔ Practice: Practice framework to ace the point.

✔ Test: Measure your perception by testing what you’ve realized.


✔ Voice: Voice portrayal of the Arabic contents, so you can figure out how to articulate the content impeccably.

✔ Practice Helps: Transliteration of the Arabic content and subject feature. These highlights can be turned here and there as you wish.

✔ Recording: Record your voices so you can contrast your recitation with the portrayal or to be assessed by your instructor later.

✔ Quranic Examples: Examples utilized in the speculations, practices and tests are taken from Quran stanzas to acquaint students with Quranic words

✔ Pictures and Video: Explaining makharij needs an image, clarifying ishmam needs video, and so on. This application gives them.

✔ Placement Test: Assessment to discover how well you know tajwid.

✔ My Result: Track your Quran recitation learning progress.

✔ Auto-Evaluation Test: 14 naturally assessed tests to autonomously gauge your comprehension.

✔ and so on.

The lovely voices in Learn Quran Tajwid have a place with a sanad-guaranteed hafiz and grant winning Quran reciter. The application has been confirmed and ensured by conspicuous Quran researchers. We need you to gain from the specialists!

A huge number of individuals in excess of 180 nations have utilized Learn Quran Tajwid. Consistently, a large number of individuals use Learn Quran Tajwid. It is additionally accessible on iOS.

Suggestion: Use on tablets, particularly if learning with an educator

Mod Info:

● Standalone Android Package.

● Premium Plus Features Unlocked.

● Support Architecture: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86.

Discharge by Hersh.

What’s going on:


– code enhancements (refactoring)

– UI enhancements

– 20+ substance enhancements

– advertisements experience improvement

This application has no notices

Learn Quran Tajwid v7.0.7 [Premium][SAP] APK – Technical Details

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Full Application Name: Learn Quran Tajwid v7.0.7 [Premium][SAP]

Upheld Android Versions: 4.2+

APK File Name: Learn_Quran_Tajwid_7.0.7_Premium.apk

APK File Size: 9.8 MB

Download Learn Quran Tajwid v7.0.7 Premium SAP APK – Android Apps

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