Download XNotifications Pro 2.3.2 Apk – Android Apps

Download XNotifications Pro 2.3.2 Apk – Android Apps



Xposed framework must be installed for XNotifications to work.

The basic function permits you to (all is configurable):
? Make all notifications clearable
? Make all notifications extensible
? Automatically expand all announcements

XNotifications pro mode (fully functional for a 12 days period) adds the following options:
System-wide options:
? Enable / disable heads-up globally or on the per-app basis (requires Lollipop and above)
? Change heads-up period (requires Lollipop and above)
? Change heads-up opacity (requires Lollipop and above)
? Present / hide notifications symbols globally or on the per-app basis (requires Lollipopand above)
? Set quiet-hours globally or on a per-app most basic (requires Lollipop and above)

Notifications rules:
Lets you create rule based on any combo of: Informing app, notification title, warning announcement ticker and notification text message.
Notification rules lets you apply the following activities on notifications:
? Hide as well as Show once between device boots
? Hide notification icon (requires Lollipop and above)
? Hide notification ticker, name and / or content
? Select whether to silence the notification or apply default / custom appear for the notification
? Choose whether to disable or permit notification vibration
Particular applications hooks:
Adds specific functionalities to specific applications. additional hooks will be added within the next versions. At present available:
? Mark as read for Whatsapp – allows you mark Whatsapp chats as read directly from the notification
? Quick interact for Whatsapp – allows you send quick acknowledgement directly from Whatsappnotifications
? Ungroup notifications by contact
? Indicate as read for Hangouts – lets you tag Hangouts conversations as read directly from the warning announcement

Notifications context menu on long-click (requires Lollipop and above):
? Clear persistent warns
? Snooze notifications for a customizable period
? Mute or hide notifications for a customizable period or until next device boot
? Generate a notification rule structured from the notification

Intended for any questions, ideas or issues please let us know atTaptigo. Dev@gmail. com

What’s Fresh
Version 2. 2:

Set Mark as Read and Quick reply for Whatsapp
Added option to cover Whatsapp “Reply” action
Edition 2. 1:

Fixed Tag as Read and Rapid reply for Whatsapp
Added Mark as Read for Google Messenger
Fixes and improvements
How to Set up?
Download Apk (link below).
In your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
Find downloaded APK on your cellphone and install it.
Almost all Done. Enjoy!

Demo & Source: DEMO



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Download XNotifications Pro: