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Download ProtonVPN – Free VPN made by ProtonMail v1.3.5 APK, You can peruse a concise review and highlights list beneath.

Review: ProtonVPN is a free VPN administration that does the accompanying:

– ensures your protection by concealing your IP address

– gives you a chance to peruse the web safely (even on open WiFi)

– gives you a chance to visit blocked/edited sites

ProtonVPN is created by a similar group of researchers who met at CERN and made ProtonMail, the world’s biggest encoded email administration. We made ProtonVPN to give writers, activists, and ordinary residents unlimited and secure access to the Internet.

Why ProtonVPN?


ProtonVPN is the ONLY free VPN administration that has no security attacking advertisements, no malware, no transfer speed confines, and does not furtively sell client information. The free administration is upheld by discretionary paid plans that accompany more servers and more highlights.


Keep your perusing history private. As a Swiss VPN supplier, we don’t log client action or offer information with outsiders. Our intermediary servers empower unknown perusing, secured by Swiss protection laws.


ProtonVPN unblocks sites and opens content. Visit any website, stream any substance, and download utilizing any distributed (P2P) administrations (paid plans as it were). Utilize the Internet without oversight.


Our protected VPN sends your web traffic through a scrambled VPN burrow (utilizing the IKEv2 convention), so your passwords and private information remain sheltered, even over open WiFi or traded off systems.


Dissimilar to other VPN administrations, we give full straightforwardness so you realize who is running the administration. Regardless of whether it is testing governments, instructing general society, or preparing writers, we are notable for battling for protection on the web and adding to the open source network.

ProtonVPN Features


ProtonVPN has several servers found all around the globe, available by means of a solitary snap. All servers are on fast 1 Gbit or 10 Gbit associations. Free clients can utilize servers in three nations.


Standard VPN administrations can be undermined if their servers are under observation. ProtonVPN forestalls this by first going client traffic through our Secure Core arrange in protection well disposed nations like Switzerland and Iceland. Accordingly, even a traded off VPN endpoint server won’t uncover your actual IP address. Secure Core is accessible for ProtonVPN Plus and ProtonVPN Visionary clients.


For security, ProtonVPN uses figures with Perfect Forward Secrecy, implying that your encoded traffic can’t be caught and decoded later, regardless of whether an encryption key gets traded off later on.


ProtonVPN is a no logs VPN administration. We don’t track or record your web action, and thusly, can’t unveil this data to outsiders.


ProtonVPN Plus and ProtonVPN Visionary incorporate Tor support. With a solitary snap, you can course the entirety of your traffic through the Tor system and access Onion destinations.

What the world is stating about ProtonVPN

” It’s significant here that ProtonVPN’s free administration doesn’t execute information constraints or different tops, as certain suppliers do” — VentureBeat

” ProtonVPN hopes to have a praiseworthy objective of bringing an open, private web to all. ” — CNET

” The administration, created by MIT and CERN, vows to course all traffic through protection inviting nations … an extraordinary alternative for the individuals who are searching for a safe VPN choice, created by trustworthy individuals.” – LifeHacker

What’s happening

Refreshed StrongSwan variant to 5.7.0

Enhanced speedy associate with all the more dependably pick the best server;

Sidebar menu was tidied up from unused things;

Rigged association race condition warning bug;

Stick of Ireland got to its right spot on the guide;

Minor application enhancements.

Fixed accident that began to show up in 1.3.3

This application has no notices

ProtonVPN – Free VPN made by ProtonMail v1.3.5 APK – Technical Details

Before you begin full ProtonVPN – Free VPN made by ProtonMail v1.3.5 APK Download, you can peruse underneath specialized APK subtleties:

Full Application Name: ProtonVPN – Free VPN made by ProtonMail v1.3.5

Upheld Android Versions: 4.4+

APK File Name: ProtonVPN+1.3.5.apk

APK File Size: 24 MB

Download ProtonVPN – Free VPN made by ProtonMail v1.3.5 APK – Android Apps

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