Download BEAST BUSTERS feat.KOF Deluxe MOD APK – Android HD Game

Download BEAST BUSTERS feat.KOF Deluxe MOD APK – Android HD Game



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Game Features:
◆ the newest installment within the horror gun-shooting action game series “BEAST BUSTERS”!
The latest installment within the arcade game “BEAST BUSTERS” that was a world hit at its unleash within the arcades in 1989,
is currently offered to transfer for free of charge on Android!

◆ notable characters from “THE KING OF FIGHTERS” game series be part of the battle!
“Kyo Kusanagi”, the first hero of the “KOF” game series that turns twenty this year seems as a playable character!
Other KOF characters also will support you throughout your mission!

◆ straightforward controls for the simplest FREE zombie-shooting experience!
With its terribly straightforward controls during which you aim at the zombies on the left screen and shoot with the proper screen, even the beginner players are going to be
able to relish “BEAST BUSTERS that includes KOF” from start!

◆ Gather “Fighter Cores” so as to power them up and build the zombies evolve!
There square measure quite a hundred completely different “Fighter Cores”, things during which inhabit the facility of KOF fighters, in “BEAST BUSTERS that includes KOF”! attempt to mix lots of them with different|one another} in other to strengthen and/or build evolve your abilities!

◆ Master your “Skills” to eliminate the Beasts!
Equip yourself with Fighter Cores so as to induce “Skills”. boost up your standing and activate Special Moves so as to extend your
player’s skills.

◆ Play in co-op along with your friends in “Multiplay” and advance through stages along like FPS game play!
A “Multiplay” game mode that enables you to play along with your friends like arcade and FPS games is accessible. {join forces|collaborate|cooperate|get along|work} and aim together for the stage goal!

What’s within the MOD:
Unlimited cash

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.0


Demo and Source: DEMO