Download Dead Trigger 2 v1.1.0 Mega MOD APK – Android HD Games

Download Dead Trigger 2 v1.1.0 Mega MOD APK – Android HD Games


Dry Trigger 2

Take your part on saving the earth and win amazing real prizes in specially designed tournaments. Earn the money every day from oil fields!
Dead Lead to 2 is constantly innovating and expanding. Every revise features new content meant to make your game even more pleasant.


Travel across 10 regions in several parts of the earth.
Check out 30 unique environments.
Pick up your chosen Zombie annihilator from 35 sorts of tools.
Go for the action much more than six-hundred gameplay scenarios.
Participate in global missions and obtain rewards. Complete achievements, meet challenges and receive exclusive in-game currency.
Explore your personal hide-out and satisfy the Gunsmith, Medic, Scientist, Smuggler and Engineer. These NPCs will help you uncover incredible new weapons and gadgets.
What’s New

Unique Christmas Decorations and Products
New competitions
Duel Competitions: Choose your side and fight for your team
Headshots: Get as much headshots as you can
Seeker: Trap zombies to get
Gandh?: Survive as long as possible without eradicating
Sprinter: Run the very best distance
Carnage: Shoot the living dead in the limbs and brain
New leaderboards for tournaments – cumulative ratings, new prizes
Many new deadly weapons: Viking Blade, Sten Mk II Silencer, Mauser C96, XM8 and more
Infinite Bullets
Simply no Reload
No heat Weapon
Can attack from significantly away. (try melee, very fun)
Massive Damage
Maximize blueprint drop rate
How you can Install?

Uninstall any earlier version of Dead Bring about 2 (IF INSTALLED)
Down load & Install the Apk from the links given below
OBB will be downloaded by game
Carried out! Enjoy?

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