Download The Pirate Caribbean Hunt MOD APK 4.4 – Android HD Games

Download The Pirate Caribbean Hunt MOD APK 4.4 – Android HD Games


The Pirate Caribbean Hunt IMOD APK 4. 4 Unrestricted Gold Hail to the Captain!
Sail into the heart of the Carribbean in the Age of Piracy – enough time of black flags and white skulls, blue waves and golden opportunities.
Hoist the Jolly Roger and pick up the steering wheel to sail through battles and raids, ransoms and secrets, to become the Red King of the Antilles!

– 18 classes of ships,
– unlimited fast size
– multiple cruises control during the quarrels
– ship to ft fights with heavy mortars.
– 5 types of ammo – cannon golf balls, chain bals, grapeshots bombs, doubles,
– special guns: explosive barrels, burning essential oil, battering rams, pre-boarding episodes
– 30 ship updates
– character development, experience gaining and level ups
– 20 captain skills – unlocking new game features and possibilities
– realistic sailing model, ranges and time passage
– hundreds of islands and dozens of ports
– day/night cycle
– building construction and upgrades
– multiple player held angles
– unlimited number of sea battles of few types (merchants, smugglers, convoys, militatry, treasure galeon, buccaneer fight, escort)
– story-driven campaign set in a living world packed with people.
– reputation in 5 nations,

What’s New: versus 4. 4
Version 4. 4
– Maintenance team
– Letters of Timbre
– Different pirate red flags to choose from
– Smugglers will take all the cargo
as their ships can hold.
– National fleets will quest your
ships if you have the reputation: buccaneer
– many smaller maintenance tasks

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