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Shadow Battle, another upheaval of versus-battling activity amusements.

★ Game Features ★

Download Shadow Battle Burst in scuffle with irate dash assaults or keep at range and pour down damnation on your adversary with brisk shots, overwhelming shafts, or bunch bombs

– Exquisite nature of designs

– Earphones are prescribed to completely encounter epic 3-D sound impacts

– Immersive catch less control conspire

– Don’t give the youngster a chance to level AI trick you, they can get madly troublesome now and again

– Unlock new maps and stories as you continue on

– Well known superheroes, ran from the great ol days’ to the latest ones

– Explicit instructional exercise for new players and compelling preparing to associate with one of a kind gameplay

– Use notoriety focuses to take an interest in versus mode, which enormously expands gold reward and improves thing drop rate

– Shiny (actually) hardware anticipate to be opened

– Diverse capacities and details update framework

– Generous day by day honors can be guaranteed unreservedly

– Obtain free coins by welcoming your companions through Facebook

(!) New relentless saints, systems and multiplayer mode are coming soon in the following updates (!)

★ How to play ★

– Tap anyplace in the unfilled space to move your saint

– Switch abilities amid the battle by tapping on their symbols at the base right corner

– At a long separation, tap on the foe to shoot speedy shots, or hold for a couple of moments to energize and discharge a gigantic vitality burst

– At a closer range, tap on your foe to approach and dole out a progression of scuffle assaults

– Swipe the screen toward your adversary to play out a fatal dash assault

– Stay still to consequently square approaching assaults

– Double tap on your saint to initiate the intense sonic impact

– Press and hang on your saint to rapidly recover

★ Game Story ★

Every saint has his experience story. In the mean time, An AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been made to ponder their accounts and translate them to you. More often than not, it will walk you through the nuts and bolts. Tragically, because of a basic error of its maker, that gave AI such miserable vision of seeing any legend’s shape. Other than that, little AI is as yet learning things to show signs of improvement at managing players.

★ Contact us ★

We need to ensure you are engaged. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us any criticism. They are constant credits for us. We should enhance the diversion together!

Any thoughts and proposals, if it’s not too much trouble send us an email at

★ Update Suggestions ★

If you don’t mind investigate this review and disclose to us what you need most!



New highlights in 2.2:

– ★New EPIC legends: Dragon Master and Project TX (2.2.27)

– ★New diversion mode: Scan and Hunt (2.2.27)

– Remove web necessity

– fourth Star Boss fight: Unique mechanics

– Experience Fragments: Much speedier and less demanding leveling

– Remove Hero Upgrade hold up time

– CUBE rebalance

– Online multiplayer: The Arena

– New diversion mode: Arena 3v3

– Leaderboards

– Engine redesign

– Improved control

– Completely new UI

– And more!

Download Shadow Battle 2.2.32 Apk – Android HD Games

Download Shadow Battle


Download Shadow Battle Download Shadow Battle Download Shadow Battle

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