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Download Paper Dolls 2 v1.0.3 PLAZA – PC Games Paper Dolls 2 v1.0.3 PLAZA Free Download PC Game arrangement in single direct connection for Windows. It is an astonishing activity, experience and independent game.

Paper Dolls 2 v1.0.3 PLAZA PC Game 2020 Overview

Discharge Date: Jul third 2020

Discharge Price: $19.99 USD

Dispatch Discount: 10%

Classes: Survival Horror, Adventure, Puzzle

There are four challenges: Easy, Normal, Hard, and a shrouded Nightmare trouble, which is opened in the wake of completing the game just because. For players that needs a test, have a go at finishing an ideal Nightmare rush to accomplish the illusive ‘Apparition’ rating, which when achieved awards the ‘Ghost’ title.

“Paper Dolls 2” proceeds with the game style of the “Paper Dolls Original” frightfulness endurance experience. Yang Ming Yuan will proceed with his experience in the high floor of Yin Mansion. Contrasted and “Paper Dolls Original”, “Paper Dolls 2” will have progressively great scenes, increasingly point by point plot activitys, and all the more testing interactivity. It might take around 10 hours for players who experience just because.

There are four trouble mode in the game, among which the most exceptional bad dream mode should be opened after the game is cultivated once, we trust you can get the most noteworthy rating on the horrible trouble mode.


Once more, Yang Mingyuan stirs from a bad dream with a beginning; grasped by an enduring feeling of dread. After shutting his eyes, a similar scene plays, as though anticipated upon the internal parts of his eyelids—a spoiled old manor, a bleak corridor of grieving, ethereal shadows, and creepy paper dolls. It plays over and over, persistently. He hears a voice calling him, a mumble encouraging him forward, but then he can’t make out precisely what it says.

Yang Mingyuan watches the setting sun through the window, painting the sky red. He gives this all down something to do pressure and his different concerns.

“Simply take it each day in turn… “, he lets himself know.

He gets his coat and vehicle keys, and advises his girl to pack for the excursion.

Believe it or not, she’s returning to her mom’s place today.

Going to close the entryway, he sees the case of medication on the table and delays for a short second.

“Those impacted dreams must be some reaction of the medication. “I’ll throw the entire part out, and get myself another specialist!”, he chooses, before pummeling the entryway shut.

As the roadway lights blur into streaks as they speed by, the light begins to astonish him, and that is the point at which the recognizable voice returns.

His little girl is by all accounts saying something, yet even sat directly next to him, he can’t hear a thing: maybe they were miles separated.

What… What do you need!? Out with it!”, he thunders insanely.

Faintly ahead there’s a light blazing, and a noisy blast follows, and afterward express quiet…

“This is… ” When Yang Mingyuan comes to, he winds up at an old and relinquished chateau. It is recognizable yet strange to him, similar to a half-overlooked dream. The swoon call of his little girl hauls him out of his shock, and he figures out how to ascend, yet with extensive exertion. He follows her voice into the profound haziness. What privileged insights do the riddles inside hold? Reality will be disentangled, each piece in turn…

The Old Yin Mansion

In Beijing’s western rural areas lies a chateau upon a lush mountain. Toward the finish of the Qing tradition it had a place with the Yin family; the ace of which was naturally introduced to gentry, accomplishing extraordinary accomplishment as an adolescent and was profoundly esteemed by the royal court. Driving a military, he conciliated the terrains far and wide, and would later wed a lady of comparable social standing. However, their favorable luck was to be brief. At the point when control over the majestic court moved, Master Yin fell into a profound sorrow, and chose to live in detachment.

Along these lines, he picked a fix of land with reasonable feng shui, with the two mountains and streams, and constructed his chateau. The main ones going with him were his own orderlies and two devotees. One of which was the intelligent researcher Mr. Liu, the other Zhao, a specialist painter. While his life was particularly more forlorn than previously, it was tranquil. Ace Yin had needed a child for some long years, lastly, the Mistress got pregnant. However, this made waves a lot of like a stone upon a still lake. Horrible bits of gossip were spread, blending the hearts of those in the chateau, and a progression of disasters happened…

A substantial rainstorm fell upon the land, proceeding for a while. Having cleared up, the house had essentially vanished from presence, its occupants evaporating from memory, along with their privileged insights…

Ongoing interaction

A first-individual frightfulness experience game. Players must investigate the miserable antiquated manor and find the obscure insider facts behind the story.



Quest for your little girl in a bleak Chinese chateau of the Qing administration, experience this unnerving excursion of rushes and disarray.


The way to his little girl is filled with deterrents: by what means will you help him maintain a strategic distance from, shake off, and rout the many lost spirits of the dead? As the story unwinds, reality step by step comes into light.


The individuals who kick the bucket with incomplete business transform into eager spirits. For reasons unknown, this estate is home to numerous such spirits and a solitary slip up may lead you into death’s virus grasp.


However, the spirits of the dead are not your solitary concerns. As dread weaving machines each corner, you should endeavor to stay cool and comprehend the puzzles inside. By sorting out what occurred there, you will pick up the information required to open an entryway—a door that has been fixed closed for a hundred years.


Discover the entirety of the messages and data, find the frightful truth of this hundred-year-old manor.

If you don’t mind note: The sound is a significant reason for storyline and anticipating risks. It would be ideal if you wear earphone and start the game.

Specialized Specifications of This Release.

Game Version : V1.0.3

Interface Language: English

Sound Language : English

Uploader/Re packer Group: Plaza

Game File Name : Paper_Dolls_2_v1_0_3_PLAZA.iso

Game Download Size : 7.3 GB

MD5SUM : b947c8ebfd7303d9078d0171a6d88848

Framework Requirements of Paper Dolls 2 v1.0.3 PLAZA

Before you start Paper Dolls 2 v1.0.3 PLAZA Free Download ensure your PC meets least framework necessities.


* Requires a 64-piece processor and working framework

* OS: Windows 10

* Processor: Intel i5-4590

* Memory: 8 GB RAM

* Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

* DirectX: Version 11

* Storage: 10 GB accessible space


* Requires a 64-piece processor and working framework

* OS: Windows 10

* Processor: Intel i7-6700k

* Memory: 8 GB RAM

* Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

* DirectX: Version 11

* Storage: 10 GB accessible space

Download Paper Dolls 2 v1.0.3 PLAZA – PC Games

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