PlayStation 3 Emulator for PC – Games Emulator

PlayStation 3 Emulator for PC – Games Emulator




After downloading, extract the zip file and run ESX binary by right clicking > “Run as administrator”


Before starting emulation, make sure that your GPU configuration is correct, enabling anti-aliasing and vsync will cause a performance drop on low end GPUs.



You can now play PS3 games on PC using ESX Emulator. ESX uses a translated PS3 XMB kernel to archive native emulation of PS3 games with limitation like PSN support. ESX can run most of the PS3 exclusive titles at native graphics without and glitches but it requires a powerful set of hardware for that!


What is ESX?

ESX is a PlayStation 3 emulator which runs PS3 games on your pc.

Which games are playable?

You can run most of the PS3 games smoothly but only PS3 exclusive titles are supported at the moment.

Game is not working!

ESX is in a development phrase so some games are still buggy, you can check the compatibility list on this page.

Game is running too slow!

To run ESX at full speeds you need a powerful GPU and latest processor. Make sure that your PC is up to date with latest hardware and software.

 How to Use:

  • Simply download latest version form download section.


  • Extract the emulator and “run it as administrator.”


  • Configure ESX settings like graphics, controls, audio etc. according to your hardware.


  • Insert your PS3 game disk into your drive or you can use an ISO image.


  • Enjoy gaming!

How to use ESX?

NOTE: Please use only original PS3 games and support their developers, we do not support piracy at any cost!

System Requirement :


Windows 7 and Later.


CPU: 2.5 GHz Intel/AMD Processor or higher with SSE2.


GPU: Any AMD/NVIDIA/Intel Direct X 10 GPU with 1GB of Memory and Pixel shader model 3.0


RAM: 1 GB on Win 7/8 32-Bit, 2GB on Win 7/8 64-Bit



Windows 7 and Later.


CPU: 3.2 GHz Intel/AMD Quad Core CPU or higher with SSE4.


GPU: NVIDIA GTX 560 or higher, ATI Radeon 5850 or higher

with 2GB of memory.


RAM: 2GB on Win 7/8 32-Bit, 4GB on Win 7/8 64


Demo and Source: DEMO

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