Download Easy Workship 6 – PC Software

Download Easy Workship 6 – PC Software


Several years ago, after chatting with hundreds of EasyWorship users about how precisely to increase the product, we made the decision to rebuild EasyWorship from the ground up. Now, with the aid of a fantastic team of designers and engineers, we have totally new presentation software so that you can enjoy. You’ll find powerful news with a streamlined, more productive interface gowns intuitive and easy to use.

What’s the most important big difference?
A powerful new Display Designer with features comparable to PowerPoint. Here’s what that seems like: more control over text and graphics with tools for reflection, darkness, transparency and bullets, support for transparent PNGs, mean check, and the potential to stack multiple text message boxes, video elements and graphics on an one slide. With full PowerPoint support, working together with your PowerPoint files is an air flow.

We’ve also packed in a Theme Designer, bible verses text reflow, QuickTime the use and some goodies for our pro users. The new Theme Designer is a convenient way to create and save music, scripture and presentation styles, simplifying your design process and giving your audience a more regular experience. The addition of QuickTime integration eliminates the need for third party codecs, enabling you to seamlessly import and play MP4, MOV and M4V’s. And with Bible verses Reflow, you can drag-and-drop multiple verses into a service schedule and rather than one massive block of text, EasyWorship conveniently develops separate slides based on the settings you establish.

Pro Features
Pro users will appreciate EasyWorship’s new broadcast friendly features, like NewTek AirSend support (no need to buy Add-Ons) and Alpha Channel the usage, giving EasyWorship an unlined transition into any high end production environment.

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