Download Free Mouse Auto Clicker – PC Software

Download Free Mouse Auto Clicker – PC Software


Free of charge Mouse Auto Clicker is an easy iphone app that can free you up from repetitive mouse click work. The application is simple enough to be encompassed into your everyday, normal workflow.

The software can even be configured to alter the range of click time periods. You can set click intervals between 100 several hours and 1/100 seconds. This kind of is a broad enough spectrum to keep a connection open if you are from your office, and it is correct enough for gaming too.

Key Features include:

Simple to use.
Support Click where the mouse is.
Support still left \ right mouse button and single \ dual click.
Support mouse click interval.
Support start hotkey and stop hotkey.
The upside of Free Mouse button Auto Clicker is that it is freeware. You could spend on more features, but it handles almost all tasks that demand automated mouse clicks.

Totally free Mouse Auto Clicker also makes good use of Hotkeys. Start and Quit hotkey combos can be Ctrl + any Farreneheit key. This can be useful because you don’t have to reassign hotkeys for less flexible apps. The disadvantage is the Click Level feature is included on the interface but switch up useful info.

Total, Free Mouse Auto Clicker is super lightweight, uses negligible system resources but it is quite basic. That having been said, it does its job well.

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