How to Find Long Tail Keywords 2 easy ways – Tips and Tricks

How to Find Long Tail Keywords 2 easy ways – Tips and Tricks


Long Tail Keywords. we have been banging the drum concerning long-tail keywords for a protracted (ahem) time. Recently, I explained why it’s thus arduous to rank for competitive keyword phrases with a brand new web site. The answer? Keep attempting, and target a lot of specific, less competitive long-tail keywords within the in the meantime. we tend to conjointly talked concerning whether or not you must target head terms or long-tail keywords in my Content promoting FAQ. The answer? BOTH! As you’re building out your web site content, your keyword taxonomy ought to naturally embrace each broad and slender terms.

Hopefully by currently, regardless of the size, type, or age of your business, you perceive that long-tail keywords ought to be an area of your SEO content strategy. The long-tail keywords you discover might be used because the title and main topic for a extremely targeted journal post or article (or video, or infographic, or the other form of content), otherwise you may use them as variations to higher optimize a extended guide or article targeting one primary keyword – as an example, by exploitation the long-tail keywords in your subheads and image file names. And if you are running niche promoting campaigns, super-specific long-tail keywords are your ally.

here are 2 ways below

1: Use Google Suggestion:

When you search from google then you will see that google suggest you more result and that’s your long tails keywords which you find using costly software’s here is example below and remember you can use your related article keywords like fashion, software’s and any other.


2: Use Google Related Search:

When you search from google surely google show you related search which is saved in google database you can get idea from there .



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