Networking video Tutorial LAN WAN – Urdu Video Tutorial

Networking video Tutorial


In this Urdu Video tutorial you can easily configure your own networking module about LAN and WAN here are contents

1: How to Install ISA Server 2006 Standard Edition.

2:  What is a Computer Network

3: Types of Networks

4: What is MAN Networking

5: What is WAN Networking

6: Parts of a Network

7: How the Internet Works

8: Servers and its Uses

9: Clients and Hosts

10 : Network Interface Card NIC

11: What is a Protocol

12: Protocols and its uses

13: Bus Topology

14:  Ring Topology

15:  Star Topology

16: Mesh Topology

17: Fiber Optic Termination.

18: How to terminate fiber optic cable using Giganet Fibre Optic connectors.

19: ISA Server 2006 and Configuration

20: Network Cabling

21: RJ45 plug on UTP cable – Installing

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Networking video Tutorial LAN WAN – Urdu Video Tutorial


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Networking video Tutorial

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