Download Advanced Categories Widget v2.4.1 – WordPress Plugin

Download Advanced Categories Widget v2.4.1 – WordPress Plugin


Wish your WordPress categories device with image? This categories widget for WordPress is an advanced widget that gives you total control over the output of your categories. Support multi-instances widget, category image, customized and full features. Every time a category link is clicked on, all the posts in this category will display on a category page using the appropriate category design template dictated by website pecking order rules.

Key Features & Options

Category posts Fresh features
Show description for displaying the categories information.
Style, with HTML list or none.
Order, climbing or descending.
Orderby matter, id, slug or term group.
Depth, controls how many levels in the hierarchy of categories have to be included.
Number, sets the amount of categories to display.
Thumbnail Height & Width, for diplaying the categories image size.
Include & Banish, only include or banish the chosen categories.
Banish Tree, exclude category-tree from the results.
Child of, only display categories that are children of the category discovered with this unbekannte.
Current Category, enables you to force the “current-cat” to show up on uses of wp_list_categories that are not on category archive webpages.
Search, only for looking given categories.
Feed, screen a link to each category’s rss-2 feed and set the link textual content to display.
Feed Type, demonstrate fed type in atom, rss, rss2, or rdf.
Feed Image, arranged an URI for an image to show as a link.
Hierarchical, arranged an URI for an image to exhibit as a link.
Use description, packages whether a category’s explanation is inserted into the title attribute of the links created.
Show previous update
Show count, toggles the display of the current count of content in each category.
Disguise empty, toggles the screen of categories without having discussions.
Custom Style & Program, if you need to add additional CSS style or javascript per given widget IDENTIFICATION.
Change Log

2. 4. 1 – 15 The month of september 2015
– Fix WP widget issue

2. 4. 0 – 20 Apr 2014
– Simple design with no style and minimal options added
– show_option_all added
– Content thumbnail link added
– Update categories image PHP school
– Add arrears categories thumbnail
– Getting rid of timthumb
– 2 golf widget front-end tempaltes added
– WordPress default media uploader feature added
– WordPress 3. 9 compliance
2. 3 – 08 Feb 2013
– Add category articles
– Add image size for child category
– Fix javascript problem on backend
– Changing timthumb
2. 2 – 12 October 2012
– Changing widget admin structure more beautiful
– Adding title icon
– Adding widget background image option
installment payments on your 1 – 25 Aug 2012
– Changing device admin layout
– Bringing up-to-date documentation
– Adding in-line documentation
2. 0 – 15 June 2012
– Uses the WP arrears image uploder
– Modernizing timthumb
1. 0 – 03 August 2011
Primary Release

Demo & Source: DEMO



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