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Download Calendarize it! for WordPress v4.6.9 – WordPress Plugin Calendarize it! was initially made without help for WPBakery Page Builder (in the past Visual Composer). If you don’t mind see that you needn’t bother with WPBakery Page Builder to utilize Calendarize it!, yet in the event that you have WPBakery Page Builder you can exploit the implicit similarity with this module and construct your own particular formats utilizing the well known intuitive page developer.

We prescribe you to visit our demo site and look at the numerous highlights.

Interpret Calendarize it! utilizing Easy Translation Manager or WPML

Calendarize it! for WordPress conform to the Codex for internationalization. This is a procedure of influencing an application to prepared for interpretation. In WordPress this implies making strings which ought to be deciphered uncommonly.

In the event that you have a substantial permit for Calendarize it! you can get a FREE duplicate of our Easy Translation Manager for WordPress. Simply present a ticket at our Help Center and make sure to incorporate your permit key. This module enables you to deal with different langauges on your WordPress site.

The accompanying dialect adaptations are incorporated with the module:








Adaptation – July 24, 2018

Bug Fixed: When tapping on the Tooltip pictures of an occasion connected to Facebook it is restoring a mistake when stacking the page on Facebook.

Bug Fixed: Tooltip interface does not mirror the right repeating date example

Refresh: Added Open Graph data for Venue, Organizer and Custom Taxonomies

Refresh: Added bolster for indicating tyke terms settled under parent terms when utilizing Taxonomy Filter add-on

Refresh: CSS refreshed to help term check in the Taxonomy Filter drop-down

New Feature: Added alternative to kill demonstrating kid terms settled under parent terms when utilizing Taxonomy Filter add-on.

New Feature: Added alternative to stack the Tooltip custom points of interest with the occasion, instead of stacking the occasion subtle elements in a different Ajax call.

New Feature: Added bolster for indicating terms various leveled in Accordion Upcoming Events Widget when utilizing the Taxonomy Filter add-on. What’s more, if the characteristic btn_tax_parent_only is included with a scientific classification name as esteem just the parent terms will appear (btn_tax_parent_only=”1″ will just demonstrate the parent terms)

New Feature: Added alternative to indicate page/post ID where Calendarize it! contents ought not be stacked (Options > Troubleshooting)

New Feature: Added alternative to show term post check in Taxonomy Filter drop-down (additionally when Taxonomy Filter is utilized with Accordion Upcoming Events Widget)

Rendition – June 28, 2018

Similarity Fix: When initiating Calendarize it! while utilizing the Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme (Themeforest) wp-administrator crashes.

Similarity Fix: When utilizing the Pages by User Role module to confine particular occasions from demonstrating the Accordion Upcoming Events gadget the occasions were all the while appearing

Bug Fixed: When Year View catch is empowered it appears in the FLAT UI Calendar gadget

Bug Fixed: Added a check for Google Maps API to forestall Javascript mistake when Google Maps API is impaired (Troubleshooting)

Bug Fixed: When turning on troubleshooting mode it caused white screen for a few clients

Bug Fixed: When picking load contents in footer in the Troubleshooting tab jQuery-UI contents ought to likewise be hailed to be stacked in the footer.

New Feature: When utilizing External Event Sources and a feed from another WordPress site utilizing Calendarize it! incorporate picture ways so goal sites utilizing the Accordion Upcoming Events Widget can render pictures from the source site.

Variant – May 29, 2018

New Feature: Added local_tz to choices when utilizing Calendarize it! components in WPBakery Page Builder (previously Visual Composer)

New Feature: Added choice to pick “Close on click outside Tooltip” for Tooltip Behavior in Month View

Bug Fixed: When geo_radius is 0 overlook it

Bug Fixed: In Event List View tapping on an occasion title is connecting erroneously to Facebook occasions when utilizing Events Link to add-on for Calendarize it!

Bug Fixed: Forced style appears to cause a flighty conduct rendering Month View picture

Refresh: Increased the Mobile view trigger choice from 0-600 px to 0-1200 px

Bug Fixed: Local Time Zone characteristic local_tz=”1″ isn’t getting connected appropriately on Upcoming Events Widget and Accordion Upcoming Events Widget.

Form – April 12, 2018

Bug Fixed: Events are not indicating when sparing new occasions. Abstain from rehashing the nouce field various planned in meta boxes.

Variant – April 11, 2018

Bug Fixed: When turning on the choice to compel https on all extra assets in the Troubleshooting tab, likewise drive apply it to tooltip Ajax URL. A few locales are conflicting in the convention esteem returned by site_url().

Bug Fixed: When a Custom Taxonomy contains a hyphen, the Taxonomy Filter (drop-down) for that scientific categorization isn’t rendered

Refresh: Deleted id trait from nounce class (meta boxes) to maintain a strategic distance from copies

Refresh: Fixed nounces in the meta box class

Adaptation – March 7, 2018

Similarity Fix: Month View settle for Safari

Similarity Fix: When utilizing Bridge Theme, the title of the Venue page demonstrates the title of the page utilized as layout rather than the Venue expression name

Refresh: Depreciated work create_function

Refresh: CSS settle for Event Details Page Top Image width

Refresh: Added new symbols utilized for the Event Tickets WooCommerce Attendees Summary

Refresh: Tooltipster Javascript library refreshed to rendition 4.2.6

Bug Fixed: iCal record isn’t effectively taking care of light investment funds

Bug Fixed: Navigation not working legitimately (Previous Month, Next Month)

Bug Fixed: Mobile View not rendering effectively in sites utilizing RTL

New Feature: Added highlight to “Show Excerpt” in Tooltip area (Options > Calendarize Shortcode tab)

Adaptation – February 8, 2018

Bug Fixed: When utilizing Spanish date arrange j \d\e F \d\e Y, French time organize G \h I \m\i\n or German time design G:i \U\h\r the oblique punctuation lines are expelled from the Start/End/Date/Time component in the format manufacturer.

Rendition – January 19, 2018

Bug Fixed: Changed the default need of register_taxonomies. The Taxonomy Filter and Taxonomies in Community Events shape was broken on a few sites.

Rendition – January 18, 2018

Bug Fixed: Conflict with WooCommerce checkout process when utilizing WooCommerce Stripe module

Bug Fixed: Replaced commas in the Chinese .po interpretation, so day names and month names are appropriately parsed (create new .mo record)

Refresh: CSS Styling for Date Picker (similarity with a few subjects)

Adaptation – January 8, 2018

Bug Fixed: A convenient solution for missing capacity (PHP 7 similarity)

Rendition – January 3, 2017

Bug Fixed: When there are huge arrangements of repeating occasions on a site the iCal feed may show purge on a few locales.

Bug Fixed: When timezone setting is UTC+0, UTC time in iCal document isn’t accurately characterized.

Form – December 12, 2017

Bug Fixed: The date characteristic with the “today” esteem didn’t work in all layouts for the Accordion Upcoming Events and Upcoming Events Widget shortcodes.

Variant – December 8, 2017

New Feature: Added “today” esteem to the date ascribe permitting to just show occasions from the present day. This works for Upcoming Events Widget and Accordion Upcoming Events Widget

Bug Fixed: Multiple DOM PHP alerts when utilizing Template incorporation Version A

Refresh: Hide divs for Event Ticket Box component in WPBakery Page Builder

Refresh: Prioritize Troubleshooting tab to be the last tab in Options board

Rendition – November 24, 2017

Refresh: CSS modifications for French interpretation

Refresh: Added DTSTAMP to iCal record (this should help with a few sites encountering copy occasions when refreshing Google Calendar occasions)

New Feature: Added PHP variant to the Options > Troubleshooting tab.

Form – November 13, 2017

Refresh: Replaced old recurr library with new form (Requires least PHP variant 5.6).

Refresh: Rename the current recurr library (will keep it for a couple of adaptations before we evacuate it)

Bug Fixed: One some particular sites, repeating dates are not computed accurately (refreshed recurr library)

Bug Fixed: PHP cautioning while including a non-existing subject similarity document

Form – October 23, 2017

Bug Fixed: Event List Start date doesn’t change while changing WordPress dialect

Bug Fixed: PHP cautioning in Accordion Upcoming Events when PHP admonitions are empower

Refresh: Changed Calendarize it! Visual Composer hues to coordinate the new refresh for WPBakery Page Builder (previous Visual Composer)

Refresh: CSS fixes for Calendarize it! preloaded movement

New Feature: Added tax_and_filtering parameter to WPBakery Page Builder Upcoming Events and Accordion Upcoming component

New Feature: Back to referer custom catch. Included choice for a default an incentive for Back to referer catch

Form – September 21, 2017

Refresh: Added a test for allow_url_fopen which is required by External Event Sources add-on to bring occasions.

Bug Fixed: If the quantity of clients on the site surpass 2,000, creator drop down isn’t completely rendered to keep away from the gadget administrator page from smashing (Was included in light of the fact that a client with 15,000+ clients the gadget page in wp-administrator slammed because of the drop down rendering all creators).

Bug Fixed: When utilizing the Accordion Upcoming Date Tilt format, the picture is utilizing the full size picture, when it ought to be a thumbnail measure picture, characterized by the Thumbnail estimate in WordPress Media Settings.

Refresh: The Show All name in the Calendar channel was not restricted

Refresh: Added channel rh_get_users_for_uew_dropdown to enable an outsider to indicate a rundown of clients to appear in the new Widget Author field.

Refresh: Added channel rhc_media_size_options to permit embeddings add-on Media Settings

New Feature: Added Media Settings for the Accordion Upcoming

Download Calendarize it! for WordPress v4.6.9 – WordPress Plugin

Download Calendarize it!


Download Calendarize it! Download Calendarize it! Download Calendarize it!

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