Download Galaxy Funder v10.3 – WooCommerce Crowdfunding System – WordPress Plugin


Download Galaxy Funder v10.3 – WooCommerce Crowdfunding System – WordPress Plugin Galaxy Funder could be a Keep What You Raise Crowdfunding System designed on prime of WooCommerce and is made in options. it’s a WooCommerce Extension Plugin. mistreatment Galaxy Funder you’ll be able to run your own Crowdfunding website or add the Campaigns for Crowdfunding on prime of your existing WooCommerce look. you’ll be able to use any Payment entrance supported by WooCommerce.

Please note that Galaxy Funder works on the look Page as follows i.e. on the look Page you won’t get the contribution field for the user to enter the contribution quantity however are connected to the one Product Page therefore the user will come back to the one Product Page to form the contribution.
Galaxy Funder Crowdfunding Campaign
Each Campaign creation is analogous to making a WooCommerce straightforward Product. within the straightforward Product Page you’ve got the choice to modify Galaxy Funder that once checked ON can flip the straightforward Product into a Crowdfunding Campaign.

Galaxy Funder supports 2 forms of Crowdfunding Campaigns.

1. Fundraising by CrowdFunding
It is the regular style of running a Crowdfunding Campaign for raising funds.

2. Product Purchase by CrowdFunding
If somebody desires to shop for one or a lot of product in your website however he/she doesn?t have cash to shop for then the client will produce a Crowdfunding campaign to shop for the product. the client will then promote the campaign with his/her friends for funding. Once the goal quantity (which is that the product price) is reached then the product square measure mechanically value-added to the campaign creator?s My Account purchases.

Galaxy Funder supports Perks/Rewards for every Crowdfunding Campaign.

You can conjointly provides a Product from the WooCommerce look as a Perk/Reward. this fashion you’ll be able to Sell Fundraising product and lift funds mistreatment Crowdfunding.
Keep What You Raise Crowdfunding kind
Complete and Powerful Crowdfunding System
Built on prime of WooCommerce
Perk/Reward Rule Feature
Crowdfunding Purpose – Fundraising / Product Purchase
Front End Campaign Submission for Members
Back End Campaign Creation for Moderators
Mailing choices for Campaign Submission, Approval, Rejection, Deletion and Completion
Each Campaign will show the Contributor Table as per Admin Settings
Each user will see their Campaigns in their My Account Page
Campaign finish technique – Target Date, Target Goal and Campaign ne’er Ends
Perk Name and Perk quantity in Contribution Table with Show/Hide
Confirm panel for Removing Perk Rule from front
Custom Success/Error Messages for front Campaign Submission
Perk Table Settings square measure Customizable
Perk Table Position is Customizable
Perk Error Message in Error Message Settings
Multiple Perks choice Supported
Perks amount choice Supported
Shortcode Generator to point out the Campaign anyplace in Page, Post, Sidebar etc
Tables square measure Responsive, Searchable, Sortable and Page Size adjustable
Contribution by PayPal is directly sent to Campaign Creator
Inbuilt/Custom style mistreatment CSS
Extensive Customization choices
WPML Compatible
Translation prepared
and more
How to Upgrade to a more recent version of Galaxy Funder?
If you’re mistreatment Associate in Nursing older version and wish to upgrade to the newest version of Galaxy Funder then please do the subsequent steps.

1. Deactivate and Delete the present version of Galaxy Funder in your website.
2. transfer the newest version file ( of Galaxy Funder from Codecanyon.
3. unfasten within that you’ll realize the Plugins files i.e.
4. Install the newest version of Galaxy Funder i.e. mistreatment WordPress Dashboard.
5. Activate the Plugin.

Please note you’ll not lose any settings values, information etc by following the on top of steps.

Download Galaxy Funder v10.3 – WooCommerce Crowdfunding System – WordPress Plugin

Download Galaxy Funder


Download Galaxy Funder

Download Galaxy Funder  Download Galaxy Funder  

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