Download Go Pricing v3.3.3 – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables – WordPress Plugin

Download Go Pricing v3.3.3 – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables – WordPress Plugin


Produce amazing WordPress Pricing & Compare Tables

It’s very easy to create WordPress pricing or compare desks with Go Pricing. If perhaps you buy this product, you do not need anything else.

This kind of WordPress Pricing Tables facilitates various Media Elements like Audio, Video, Image or Map. Give me a try, we are sure you will not turn back again to search more.

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Key Features

Column Animation to provide some vibe to your tables! Choose any from the 39 amazing transitions for each and every and every column according to your taste.

Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon & Material Symbols give you scalable vector icons that instantly can be custom-made and appear stunning high-resolution displays.

Large amount of new features help the making of Pricing Table from which the main is the Immediate Preview. With only 1 click you can view or test out your work anytime.

We prepared 250+ different looking templates for you which devided by colours in the product. You may use only the red or blue colours or you can import all of them in a form of demo data. Take your pick!

You can freely mix the many colours as well. Setting the columns consecutively you can configure any shade sequence. Is this alternatively exciting?

The “Go” experience will be with you using any device to display the plugin. Allow it be a tiny or big resolution screen, laptop or mobile device, the visualization allways perfect, fully optimized.

The Go Charges Plugin can be used at many different areas, let this be the introducing of the team or a comparison of pricing tables. It is a true peculiarity made for you with tons of love.
Classic and Modern in a solitary? Yes.
If you like traditional WordPress Pricing Desks, but you want get much more out of it, then this rodded product is an useful tool for you. Next to the usual pricing stand style Videos (Youtube, Vimeo, Screenr) and Images are also supported with recommended responsivity. It is extremely easy and fast to create stunning tables and integrate them into your WordPress site using Admin Panel. You will definitely obtain the one most appropriate for you, that can be custom-made in a few just a few seconds
Pertaining to what other purposes can one you use this? We all have ideas.
Beside traditional Pricing Tables feature the plugin works also for creating Team Viewer and Compare Tables. These features can be found in the package.

Is the system flexible? Yes.
The responsivity is optional. It can be turned On and Off and customizable to adapt to your site or CSS framework (e. g. Bootstrap). You can use System or any type of Google Net Fonts (650+).

Can I actually use more than one table on my site? Yes.
You may use any quantity of tables on your site or even using one single page using the issue.

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