Download JetTabs v1.1.1 – Tabs and Accordions for Elementor – WordPress Plugin


Download JetTabs v1.1.1 – Tabs and Accordions for Elementor – WordPress Plugin JetTabs is a productive addon permitting to include smart tabs and accordion squares to the pages and improve them with a wide range of substance, which can be manufactured utilizing Elementor gadgets. The module is anything but difficult to utilize and tweak, has different style settings

Investigate the new skylines of building content with JetTabs module. This great addon for Elementor live page developer is cut for making tabs, accordion squares and even picture accordions with vertical and flat designs.

While utilizing JetTabs you’ll be surprised how simple You can make substance and place it into all around organized tabs and accordion squares, influencing Your web to page look perfect and tasteful in the meantime.



JetTabs gadgets permit including content utilizing Elementor live page developer. You can include symbolism, content entries, features, dividers and numerous other substance components into tabs and accordion squares just by moving them into the required territories.


Handle the chance to make tabs and improve them with a wide range of Elementor-manufactured substance utilizing exquisite Tabs gadget, which makes it conceivable to sort out substance cleverly and influence it to look far more a la mode.


Accordion squares will turn into the points of reference of your innovative work in case you’re into improving your website page’s looks and need to make tasteful squares with unfurling content made with Elementor.


Investigate the chance to improve accordion obstructs with clear symbolism. The gadget is uncommonly cut for building inventive and eye-getting content, making it conceivable to put every good thing without a moment’s delay in one place.


Appreciate the simple to-utilize squares switcher which works with formats work with Elementor and showcases them accommodating the guests a capacity to switch between the substance!


Experiment with various formats and locate the one to your getting a kick out of the chance to convey thoughts simply the way you require! With JetTabs you don’t have any points of confinement in sorting out substance, the gadgets making the procedure straightforward as well as justified, despite all the trouble with vertical and level designs for various issues.


JetTabs is an ideal answer for those individuals who esteem style and need their substance to be consummately fabricated. The module has different style settings, permitting to change typography, hues, include box shadows and fringes.

Immaculate DESIGN

You don’t generally need to pick up coding to make the special outlines of Your page utilizing JetTabs pair with Elementor live page developer. Simply play around with heaps of style settings and substance alternatives, and see with your own eyes how effectively everything should be possible!


JetTabs gives the chance to make your site’s substance completely responsive. It will look extraordinary on a wide range of screens, paying little heed to in the event that it is a work area, a tablet or a cell phone.


With JetTabs you can alter the content course from left-to-appropriate to ideal to-left! Its gadgets completely bolster RTL, and are easy to utilize paying little mind to what dialect the client talks.

Download JetTabs v1.1.1 – Tabs and Accordions for Elementor – WordPress Plugin

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