Download Ninja Kick v1.3.4 – Subscription WordPress Plugin

Download Ninja Kick v1.3.4 – Subscription WordPress Plugin



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Ninja Kick: Subscription WordPress Plugin could be a premium list building plugin that adds subscription kind with push/sliding animation impact and clean style on each page of your web site. It’s simple-to-use nonetheless powerful tool with plenty of gap patterns and analytics obtainable. With this product you’ll simply increase the amount of your subscribers rocketing your traffic this way!

It’s third plugin for series and it uses all proved techniques of its siblings from Ninja Kick Series. By the method they’re all compatible and may work in conjunction with one another. Plugin makes use of recent CSS3 transitions, has layout conscious of screen size changes, works well on mobile devices and reacts on swipe gestures.
More features:

Custom JS code execution when subscription. Use it as an example for Google Analytics chase code.
Statistics for every kind, views, subscriptions and conversion rates (screenshot).
Additional fields: Name, Phone, City.
Client-side kind validation and kind mythical being submission.
You have choice to hide label and trigger contact kind gap from any component on page (menu button, link, image). Follow this guide.
Different gap patterns:
Known problems

Chrome browser has some glitches rendering fastened background (background-attachment:fixed rule) when CSS transformations applied (which is occurring once plugin pushes content). Background becomes static and sparkles. This can’t be fastened till Chrome devs fix this for his or her browser. Plugin applies workaround for this case once body component has fastened background. For rest components it applies background attachment ‘static’ in Chrome. you’ll use slide out animation possibility rather than pushing content if you would like your background to be fastened.

Problems ar attainable on RTL (right-to-left) sites, use at your own risk.

Demo and Source: DEMO

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