Download Obox Mobile v2.0.3 – WordPress Mobile Plugin

Download Obox Mobile v2.0.3 – WordPress Mobile Plugin


Today we announce Obox Portable 2, a brand new version with the many more useful features. All of us have been quietly building a set of features to build for some time now, so we are going to pretty excited to show them off.
Complete Overhaul
The plugin has been through a complete design change, both the theme, webmaster options panel and the characteristics have been enhanced and improved. We’ve up to date design to make it more usable with a sleek widgetized side-bar, increased slider and a significant amount of visual choices.
We’ve taken something away but are giving so much more back. The amount of themes loaded in to Obox Cell has reduced but in their place the wordpress tool now has its very own extremely powerful Visual Customizer which you can use to design your own aesthetic identity.

Just like you see in many of our themes, the Image Customizer is a great way that you should make moving becomes your theme design by changing elements of its design like adding a custom header, changing the body and name fonts as well as the text colors.

You can easily add and change colors and fonts in the footer area to boost your design. You can upload your own emblem and iPhone/Android icon to make it more ‘you’. If you want to go deeper, add your own custom CSS to get more advanced changes.

Widgetized Home-page

It’s nice to have the ability to choose how you want your content. Obox’s flexible homepage allows you to screen specific content in several styles and orders depending on your needs.

This can be done with our ever useful “Obox Content Widget” which let’s you set which category to display the option to display your articles in a sole or double column design.
Obox Mobile is the first WordPress mobile wordpress plugin with a sidebar for your entire favourite widgets as well as search, categories, latest posts plus more.

Constantly Improving

Along with the above new features, we’ve also worked hard to perfect and improve existing operation.

Feature Post Slider – A completely redesigned slider provides a much better user experience for your visitors. You can now set it to slide automatically and decide which category to display.
Automatic Updates – An computerized updater means you can always revise directly from your WordPress dashboard.
SEO Friendly – Obox Mobile has recently been developed with search search engines in mind, meaning your rankings will be increased by your mobile site.
Translation Ready – Making use of the WPML. org wordpress plugin, Obox Mobile can simply be translated into your desired language.
Adverts – Gain money through your site by using Obox Mobile’s built-in advertising function.
Convenient Social Linking – Inspire users to share your content with the built/in options panel.
The Super-Easy Setup

With its connector n’ play installation you may be up and running with Obox Mobile 2 in a matter of minutes. Simply install the tool, choose your options and away you go

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