Download Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin v1.6.2 – WordPress Plugin

Download Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin v1.6.2 – WordPress Plugin


Have you ever ever seen…

that cool stuff that “pimps” search results on the search engines? This Rich Thoughts WordPress Plugin helps you to generate this search results by using organised microdata (schema. org). Based on the schema. org website search engines like google including Bing, Google, Bing! and Yandex rely within this markup to increase the screen of search results, rendering it easier for folks to find the right website pages.
This kind of plugin automatically pre-installs eight shortcode-examples that are ready-to-use. But it’s also possible to create new the issue with your own microdata markup that you need for future purposes. This kind of can be done easy with the built-in Shortcode-Generator.

It works like this:

Set up your own rich snippets code or perhaps edit the pre-installed ones
Define the HTML-Markup that you need for the microdata (note that no PHP programming skills are needed but PHP can be taken if you need to do some special things)
Preserve your settings and use the made shortcode in your posts, pages or custom post types.
If you require help, view this Youtube-video: How to set up a Rich Snippet via the Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin. Thanks for seeing!

Supported snippets

On their support sites the Google-guys wrote that the following snippets are supported:
Opinions and Evaluations
Businesses and organizations
(I’ve examined all snippets with the Rich Snippet Testing Instrument. And they all looked to work except the recipe ones. This one turn up useful info in case you use their own example. )
If you want to integrate even more Snippets no subject if they are backed by search engines like yahoo, please have a look at the Rich Snippets Code Examples that you may easily copy&paste in the plugin.

Built/in Shortcode-Generator

Just use the built-in Shortcode-Generator to create cool shortcodes like control keys or boxes by yourself!
Or perhaps… do you want to display your Google+ account picture in the search results?

For this you can find another cool plugin here: Google+ Creator Information in Search Outcomes WordPress WordPress tool
Or… if you’re searching for a star-rating plugin?

Really want to checking out our new WordPress score plugin? The Purple Center Rating WordPress Plugin is what you need!
Or perhaps… you’re searching for a theme which fully helps schema. org microdata?

How come not checking out my new theme? The Schizzo. org WordPress Theme virtually foretells search engines. Find out more about this here.
Need help, or looking for a documentation?

Not really a problem. You could find a great documentation, a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and some other cool stuff on the Affluent Snippets WordPress Plugin Records Page.

Version History

one particular ) 6. 2 (Aug. 12, 2016)
General abiliyy with WordPress 4. 6th.
Fix a WordPress alert on get_currentuserinfo() usage
Repair: load translation files even when the plugin directory has been renamed
you. 6. 1 (Nov. twenty nine, 2015)
Fixed an concern with the event example shortcode.
General compatibility with WordPress 4. 4
one particular ) 6. 0 (Oct. 26, 2015)
New: Enable to disable shortcodes when feed is displayed
Eliminated TableRotation Javascript as this function is now totally supported by key web browsers.
1. 5. 0 (Aug, 15. 2015)
New: added uninstall. php for a clean uninstallation
General abiliyy with WordPress 4. 3
1. 4. 8 (Jul, 29. 2015)
Fix: Several CSS will break the normal “Add media” modal window.
1. 4. six (Jul, 22. 2015)
Several cosmetical CSS changes
Basic compatibility with WordPress 4. 3
1. 4. six (Dec, 17. 2014)
Standard compatibility to WordPress 4. 1 (tested with RC-1)
Fix: Now allowing to edit “delete_posts” capability
you ) 4. 5 (Nov, 06. 2014)
Fix: Treatments a concern when used with each other with wpMandrill (giving you the error: “wp_mail() has been declared by another process or plugin, so you won’t be able to use Mandrill until the challenge is solved. “)
one particular. 4. 4 (July 12-15. 2014)
Replaced a deprecated jQuery function that was used in the tool
1. 4. 3 (May 27. 2014)
Fixed a problem where a post couldn’t be saved when capability handling has recently been deactivated
New retina icon in the backend
you. 4. 2 (Dec, 18. 2013)
Updated WP-Buddy Platform again. Fixes an irritate in which the plugin checks for updates too often on certain WP installations
one particular. 4. 1 (Nov, 21 years old. 2013)
Updated WP-Buddy Construction (especially the update operation which – occasionally – checks for updates too often)
1 ) 4 (Nov, 05. 2013)
Fresh: Easy-to-use Editor button for WordPress’ built-in visual manager
Some language revisions
Mouse click here for a full version great the Abundant Snippets WordPress Plugin
You should note that CodeCanyon sometimes is a little stop in regards to reviewing up to date items. To avoid this also to get updates more rapidly, please add your purchase code on the configurations page of the item. You then get up to date automatically when a new update is out and you also get the updated item delivered right within the WordPress bring up to date process.

Notes & Entitlements:

Please be aware: Google says that there is no assure that a Rich Small will be shown for your page on real search results.
Note that this plugin does not automatically fill your entire blogposts with rich snippets. You have to include them manually.
License: Uses jQuery and CodeMirror

Demo & Source: DEMO



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