Download Ultimate Tweaker v1.2.2 Plugin for WordPress

Download Ultimate Tweaker v1.2.2 Plugin for WordPress



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Want to customise the default settings of your web site or introduce your own choices within the admin? If affirmative, then final Tweaker is that the final alternative for you! it’s a wise, skilled and advanced WordPress plugin that enables you to vary the default settings and add your own choices within the admin. It comes with quite 210 tweaks & hacks to create your web site safer.

Remove “— WordPress” from title – suffix are deleted from admin page title
“WordPress” rename – rename globally all words to your own CMS name
Big menu emblem – add huge emblem on prime of facet menu
Favicon for admin space
Change link, button and icon colours
Admin bar emblem button
Button with emblem to start out of admin>
Use web site or any uniform resource locator
Sub-menu with any links or pages
Admin Footer Message
Use emblem with link to any uniform resource locator
Hide default link and text
Use any HTML code
Remove “Screen Options” panel – discourse choices panels are deleted all told pages
Remove “Help” panel – discourse facilitate panels are deleted all told pages

Change from email address and name – are used for all sended emails

Smooth scroll in Chrome
Enable quick click on Touch-devices
Load jQuery from CDN
jQuery CDN (provided by MaxCDN)
Google CDN
Remove version parameter from css/js files

Remove wlwmanifest – utilized in Windows Live author consumer
Remove the prev and next post link
Remove shortlink for the page
Remove canonical link for the page
Favicon & Logos

Set favicon
Apple Devices Logos – iPhone vi and, iPhone membrane, iPhone, iPad, iPad membrane
Windows stapled web site
Application name
Set background color for a live tile
Tile image
Navigation button color
Set small, medium, wide, Lange image tiles

Search off – if you’re victimization Google Search you’ll shut down default search
Redirect to single result
Pretty url
Search by title solely
Define variety of posts per result page

Automatically email contributor once their post is revealed
Show empty classes – would like this if you wanna cluster classes in empty class
Categories include/exclude
Tags include/exclude

Demo and Source: DEMO

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