Download Uni CPO v1.5.1 – Price Calculation Formulas for WooCommerce

Download Uni CPO v1.5.1 – Price Calculation Formulas for WooCommerce



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CPO v.1.4

Added ‘Conditional formulas’ feature. It means currently you’ll produce many completely different formulas which can be applied in sure conditions. Imagine that the value of the merchandise will be modified supported a amount of the ordered items. Or the value will be modified supported user’s input of needed dimensions of the merchandise. for instance, you will need to calculate the value of the merchandise fully in a very completely different means if your shopper needs size size of the merchandise (more than one thousand cm dimension or over one thousand cm height). This feature is tested and works with these forms of the plugin’s fields: ‘input’, ‘dropdown’, ‘checkbox’, ‘radio’ and ‘color’. you’ll use following comparison operators ‘less then’, ‘equal or less then’, ‘equal’, ‘equal or larger then’, ‘greater then’ to check integers or floats values that inputted by a client by victimization ‘input’ kind field or the merchandise amount. to boot you will use operators ‘is’ and ‘is not’ to check string values of chosen by a client choices of ‘dropdown’, ‘checkbox’, ‘radio’ and ‘color’ forms of fields.
CPO v.1.3

The refashion of Uni CPO one.3 is absolutely compatible with WooCommerce two.3+. Actually, currently it works solely on WooCommerce two.3+ and doesn’t support the previous versions of WooCommerce.
CPO v1.2

Added discounts supported quantity!
A short summary of Uni CPO v1.0

It offers a capability to make nearly any mathematical formula for your product and therefore the worth of the merchandise are going to be calculated with the given formula.
All user chosen product choices are going to be additional to the item meta and displayed within the cart, in admin space (order meta) for a store owner, in each emails for a shopper and for a store owner.
Every choice is very easy to feature as any standart product attribute for a variable product.
There is seven forms of fields for your needs: dropdown, text input, radio, checkbox, color input with palette, color input with color picker and textarea.
Simple and intuitive interface enables you to simply assemble custom choices for your merchandise.
Price discounts supported amount
The plugin supports WC 2+ and WP three.8+
Multilingual support. English, Ukranian, Russian, French (thx to Christophe Tiget!) languages additional.

Demo and Source: DEMO

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