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WordPress automatic plugin posts quality targeted articles, Amazon merchandise, Clickbank merchandise, Youtube Videos, Vimeo videos , Feeds posts, eBay auctions, Flicker pictures, Instagram pictures, Pinterest pins, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts and SoundCloud songs on auto-pilot. simply install and leave, it’ll work 24/7* to web log for you .
Auto post content from Feeds. plugin will check your nominative feeds frequently & post each new feed item as a replacement post.
Fetch full content from outline feeds. WordPress automatic will convert truncated feeds to full content posts with an enormous success magnitude relation .
Extract specific elements of original feeds posts. WordPress automatic will extract 2 nominative elements of the initial post by CSS id/class, XPath or REGEX and concat them to post to your wordpress.
Search and replace. The plugin will search extracted content for any text/area and replace with nominative text.
Original time posts. WordPress automatic will set the post created at wordpress to constant time the post was created at the feed.
Extract classes. The plugin will set the created post classes to constant classes for the initial posts.
Extract original tags. WordPress automatic will extract tags from the initial post exploitation CSS id/class and set as tags at the created post.
Extract original author. WordPress automatic will extract author name from the initial post and assign as at the produced post because the author if exists or can create it, if not exists.
Skip posts with no content. The plugin will verify the extracted content and skip posts if it’s not content.
Skip non-English posts. WordPress automatic has the choice to line the post standing as unfinished,if it suspects that it’s not written in English.
Skip posts while not pictures . The plugin have the choice to see the extracted content and skip if it doesn’t contain pictures.
Post oldest things initial. WordPress automatic has the choice to post older things initial, By default it posts newest things initial.
Decode HTML entities. WordPress automatic has the choice to rewrite HTML entities of the extracted content/title.
Convert encryption before posting. The plugin has the choice to convert extracted content encryption from any specific encryption to utf-8 to be compatible with wordpress.
Duplicate title skip. The plugin will verify that there’s no previous announce post with constant title.
Featured image from Facebook og:image tag. The plugin will extract the image used for facebook as a fingernail to line as a featured image .

Auto post amazon merchandise to wordpress. WordPress automatic will search Amazon for merchandise matching your keywords, post them and add your affiliate links mechanically thus you’ll create commissions from merchandise oversubscribed via your referrals.

Specific channel support. you’ll post from any youtube channel by keyword or while not filtering.
Specific listing support. wordpress automatic will post from any specific listing.
Full video description support. wordpress automatic will grab the total description from youtube for the announce video.
Post Youtube Tags as Tags. wordpress automatic will fetch the tags for the video and set these tags as wordpress tags.
Post Youtube Comments as Comments. The plugin will grab the video comments and post them as wordpress comments.
Relivance to specific language and country. Videos relivance may be set to a selected language and additionally to a selected country.
Auto play videos. announce videos may be auto-played.
Various Filters. Lot’s of filters like order,category,license,type,duration and definition.
Disable suggestions. wordpress automatic will disable video suggestions at the tip of the video.
Skip non-embeddable videos. wordpress automatic will skip videos that aren’t allowed to be embeded.
Date management. wordpress automatic will skip videos older than a selected date, post videos with it’s original date or post older things first off.

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