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Download Stay Alive 0.6 – Android HD Games Remain Alive MOD APK is an endurance themed reenactment game where you can farm,craft and investigate diverse aspect of the world. Prepare your self for the creating and investigating interactivity with bunches of energizing substance and interactivity.

On the off chance that you incline toward something somewhat more ‘cultivated’ than impacting ceaselessly, Stay Alive MOD RPG is an on the web, pocket measured, dream endurance RPG. The battle in this stick-man battling game is relentless, with clean controls that take into consideration accuracy beast dissection.

A free multiplayer MMORPG game, with in an obscure spot which is an indispensable aspect of the endurance procedure. The packed shooter with various foes like zombies and immense managers.

Incorporate your strategies and vital reasoning not exclusively would you be able to endure, however the missions to be helped out will direct you through an energizing storyline.

During the opposition, you will:

– Go chasing

– Explore the lacking islands of the archipelago

– Extract assets

– Research and advancement innovation

– Craft weapons and apparatuses

– Protect yourself from forceful creatures on the island

– Overcome aboriginals and zombies

– Carry out missions and side missions


Foes Will Not Attack you | Animals Will not Run Away

Download Stay Alive 0.6 – Android HD Games

Download Stay Alive


Download Stay Alive Download Stay Alive Download Stay Alive

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