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Download Craigslist Email Harvester


Super Email Harvester is powerful bulk email code for extracting email addresses and causation email. Super Email Harvester extracts e-mail addresses from targeted email servers. It connects to the e-mail server directly and simulates causation a message, however doesn’t send the message out – Super Email Harvester disconnects as before long as target email server informs whether or not this address exists or not. It supports to export search result(email addresses) to Text, CSV, TSV and Microsoft stand out files.
The application features a straightforward programme, you’ll simply use this application. It doesn’t need experience in computers. the appliance permits you to enter email addresses and click on on search button, program can begin seek for email address and send mail to email address. Application permits you to load progress, save progress. whereas search is in-progress, you’ll pause for someday and once more resume your search. It supports multi-threads, multi connections to the e-mail server, you’ll set variety of association victimization slider on the screen.

The application has setting choice wherever you’ll set ton several choices to urge the standard result. Application permits you to put together your email account. Enter needed info like sender email, sender name, subject, message body content in plain text or hypertext markup language format etc. With filter choice you’ll exclude bound words from addresses like webmaster, abuse, admin etc. All the valid email addresses extracted square measure saved to a document.

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