Download ChemMaths – PC Software

Download ChemMaths – PC Software


ChemMaths is an engineering, statistical and chemistry application. It includes an comprehensive array of features to solve, advise and interpret engineering problems/equations/data. It has been created to save time in resolving problems, obtaining chemical/mathematical/scientific data, and perform calculations.


Contains over 200 units conversion from some 20+ categories i. e. area, length, time, force etc.
Solve numerous physics, electrical, mechanical, design equations etc. Over three hundred equations.
ChemMaths contains data on over 3000 chemical substance compounds.
Contains many predetermined mathematical graph equations i. e. straight lines, record graphs and so on
Contains numerous information graphs containing maths, chemical, standard information.
Contains standard calculator functions and many widely used constants in the science/engineering field.
Contains a multimedia player interface to play music (MP3, WAV, Flac etc), Videos (AVI, MP4, DVD), burn and grab CD’s.
Contains Web Internet browser interface, so that you can search the web for more information etc.
The screen-size and layout are sizeable.
Plan 2D/3D graphs.
ChemMaths consists of numerous engineering tools, 3000+ data of chemical, statistical, and general scientific information. It can solve numerous equations, and 200+ product conversions.

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