Download Dxtory – PC Software

Download Dxtory – PC Software


Dxtory is a movie get tool that has recently been specifically made for DirextX/OpenGL applications. It captures DirectX and OpenGL video data straight from your system’s surface memory for rapid recording* with no loss of quality.

Key features include:

Tabbed interface.
Custom made screenshot capture tools.
Via the tabbed interface of Dxtory you will find whatever you should need to capture the media you want. From the key windowpane you can access Global, Advanced, Screenshot, Hotkey, Online video and Audio settings. Not really only does Dxtory give a standard set of tools, there are also some neat features tucked away too. For example, the Overlay settings not only offer status options but also color-coded frame and status indicators. The display screen capture facility also offers the ability to customize ?screenshots? with margin, scaling, and clipping options. You can even save clips in multiple formats, permit Superior Speed and Auto Do options, and specify JPEG quality.

Dxtory is a significant diverse capture tool; it is capable of saving audio tracks from multiple resources, and it has support for third-party video codecs and broadcast output. This kind of will prove to be helpful to those of you who specialize in gaming and those who need more than the standard freeware applications that are available.

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