Download KOPlayer – PC Software

Download KOPlayer – PC Software


KOPlayer is a solid, free Android emulator that brings a good Android playing experience to the Windows program.

Compared to traditional Android simulator, KOPlayer uses cutting border kernel technology on x86 architecture, which brings with it superb advantages in performance, stability, and match ups. With this increase in performance, KOPlayer enables you to employ a huge display, smooth operation, and “unlimited” storage options available by by using a PC.

Key Features include:

Free-to-play downloadable content.
Crisp display options on larger screens.
Keyboard umschlüsselung brings streamlined controls.
Record and share gameplay.
The great thing about simulator, is that it is possible to completely enjoy the experience of Android, without having to own an Android device. With support for the Google Play store, your VM is compatible with all available apps; you can download, install and play any iphone app on Google Play store in KOPlayer. If you want to, you can also manually install apps, as KOPlayer supports. apk documents via drag and drop as well.

With support for a gamepad, computer keyboard and mouse, and a microphone and camera, you can enjoy mobile game titles in the best possible way. KOPlayer is straightforward to install and run, and adding Android VM’s is a straightforward affair. Can be to not like?

Demo & Source: DEMO

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