Download PrivaZer – PC Software

Download PrivaZer – PC Software


PrivaZer is a free washing utility that helps you master your security over your PC. The iphone app has been built to once and for all and irretrievably erase unwanted traces of your earlier activity on your computer and storage devices such as USB keys and external hard disks. This prevents others from retrieving what you have watched, streamed, or visited on Internet. This also frees up valuable hard disk space and keeps your PC jogging secure.

PrivaZer scans your computer and supplies you with a complete report of all Internet traces accessible on your PC. You can then review the results in detail and choose to securely remove it from your HARD DRIVE. As the software works thorough scans, it includes common traces such as registry, Internet history, and cookies. This may also look for potential traces in your free disk space industries as well.

PrivaZer is able to permanently get rid of all traces using secure deletion methods and also reset disk sectors to zero in order to eliminate all traces from previous operations. Depending after the size of your HDD and the amount of data you have, the initial scan and cleaning process usually takes a while.

Other features include scheduled cleanings, automated windows registry backups, deletion of UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS history, support for easily-removed drives and USB secrets etc.

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