Download TimeSheet Manager – PC Software

Download TimeSheet Manager – PC Software


TimeSheet is a convenient tool to automatically record the time you may spend on different jobs.

Like a time recording tool, TimeSheet will keep trail of the exact amount of hours you spend to each task and each project. By doing so, not only will you convey more exact data when you need to produce information or generate invoices, but you won’t lose money again for those extra hours you work but are never included in the bill.

TimeSheet is founded on a very simple rule: the program allows you to affiliate each application you run with a specific job and calculates the time spent using this application. The association between program and project is done automatically, with TimeSheet exhibiting a desktop alert each and every time you run an iphone app for the first time. Once your projects day is over, or when you are done with your project, you can certainly check the total amount of time you devoted to it in TimeSheet’s reports – and export the data to Excel.

The concept behind TimeSheet is good and the program works fine. However, time tracking based on used applications is not that accurate and the program’s configuration can be a lttle bit tricky.

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