Download Vivaldi – PC Software

Download Vivaldi – PC Software


Vivaldi is a new, feature rich web browser that combines an Opera-like user interface with a Chromium open-source platform.

Vivaldi is very similar to the Safari browser in many ways. There are some very cool features which are nice, like the interface, which fades colours to match the dominant colour on the page as you navigate between sites.

Apart from the snazzy results, the browser has obviously been designed with ability users in mind, as the Quick Commands tool shows. It will help the customer to search or run commands in much the similar manner to OPERATING-SYSTEM X’s Spotlight feature.

Vivaldi supports browsing with mouse button gestures, and the ever-familiar ‘speed dial’ interface, which shows your favourite an eye on the new tab page is also a great, albeit old, feature that exists in this new web web browser.

Key Features include:

Easy Commands.
Tab Stacks.
Adaptive Interface.
Spatial Routing.
Design of Vivaldi appears great too. Inside the left toolbar is the bookmarks menu is the Bookmarks and Downloads selections and a Notes tool as well. There is a lot housed here, however the interface deals with to not feel at all cluttered. Goods are located in logical places and are all kept small , and out the way offering you a fresh, clean feel.

Overall, Vivaldi has a crisp, sharp-edged user interface, which uses simple but effective fonts and symbols. It is evidently targeted at power users as the various features and tools show. It will be fairly small (for a browser) and is not that very system resources. If you feel just like a change from Chrome, Apple safari, Opera or Firefox then perhaps you should check it away?

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