how to increase traffic using Reddit – urdu Video Tutorial

how to increase traffic using Reddit  – urdu Video Tutorial


Reddit has an unique way to ban spammers, their called stealth ban. In this way reddit bar a spammer silently. This means, the user can do all works normally, but it won’t be publicly visible. For example, after submitting your website link, it will be shown “submitted”, but only you can see your website link in that sub-reddit, others can’t see it. Thus, everything activities will become valueless. You can even examine it now. First login to your Reddit account and replicate your profile URL. Today logout and paste your profile url into the address bar. For anyone who is not banned, you can see everything is normal. Although, if you are suspended, it will show “page not found” and “the page you requested will not exist”
Look at the side of a submitted link in Reddit. You can see up and down arrow. Up arrow is for up-vote and down arrow is perfect for down-vote. When someone wants your link, he or she can express it by up-vote. When someone is disturbed of your link, he or your woman can provide you down-vote. Voting method is also available for comments. The next thing is Karma. Karma is a point. You get this point when you will get an up-vote for your published link or comment. Yet, you will lose Karma if you get down-vote. If total karma should go below an amount, your accounts can be banned. That may happen, if you submit only your blog posts.
Like other sociable bookmarking sites, you have to select a category to submit your website link. But, good thing about Reddit is they have category for almost everything such as news, science, health, technology, iPhone, chrome etc. You may well not find this feature to websites. Reddit phone calls its category as subreddit.

increase traffic using Reddit


increase traffic using Reddit

increase traffic using Reddit


increase traffic using Reddit: