How To Rank no# 1 in Google just in 10 Mints – video Tutorial

How To Rank no# 1 in Google just in 10 Mints – video Tutorial


The top question that every business owner asks is getting ranked best in Yahoo for their keywords. I really could answer that question in a simple manner, but it could be vague and leave you frustrated. So, this explanation will be a lttle bit long. Pay close attention and take notes, because this is accurate information that really works.

Here you go: In order to determine what you have to do to get to number one on the search engines, you really have to understand two various things.

First you need to understand what factors Google uses to determine which page should rank there. Then you have to understand the reason for why the page that is ranking there right now is ranking that high.
I am not going to declare that I know every previous detail about Google’s position algorithm. I certainly do not. Neither does anyone else who doesn’t work very high in the Google algorithm engineering team. They are the only ones who know every factor. Besides that, the ranking factors change over time anyway. The techniques that work today might not act as well tomorrow. You probably have already discovered that the hard way.
The things i can tell you is that I really do understand the main factors so you can get a page to rank high right now. There are a small number of critical factors and then there are many other less critical ones. I will share several of the more critical factors. We learned these factors after studying the academic paperwork published by the top people at Google and through many years of trial, problem and experience.

Before you consider the individual factors that you can change with your website, stop for a moment and think about what Yahoo is trying to do by ranking the search results just how that they do. They are aiming to show the searcher just what she or he is looking for. They are looking to show the searcher the best pages Yahoo can possibly find. Anytime possible, Google also would like to show the searcher the most used pages on those topics. And, they want those pages to be at least reasonably high quality. Each of the analysis that Google conducts is done in their effort to determine relevancy, popularity(authority) and quality.

If you want your page to list high, then you want to convince Google that your page is extremely relevant for that search phrase, your page & your website are popular and your page is high quality.

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Rank no.#1 in Google Tutorial: